NJ, sanction Russia and Belarus

New Jersey, sanction Russia and Belarus


On March 3rd, the New Jersey Senate unanimously passed a sanctions bill against Russia and Belarus. It still needs your help to pass. Every call to a New Jersey legislator increases the likelihood that New Jersey enacts the sanctions. More details on the bills can be found here: NJ S. 1889 and A. 3090

How can I help?

Email or call your New Jersey Senators and Assemblymen/Assemblywomen, asking them to support A. 3090 and S. 1889.

Find your NJ legislators

Sample Script

Dear Senator/Assemblyman/Assemblywoman,

[2-3 sentences about what Central/East Europe mean to you]

Right now, it is critical to oppose Putin and denounce the invasion of Ukraine and Belarus. Would you please show your support of the Ukrainian and Belarusian people by supporting S. 1889 and A. 3090?

The bills would prohibit investments by the state and corporations on Russian and Belarusian entities specified by the Department of Treasury.


[Your name]

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