Central & East European Coalition (CEEC)

The Central and East European Coalition was established in 1994 and is composed of eighteen national, membership-based organizations representing Americans of Armenian, Belarusan, Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, Georgian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, and Ukrainian descent.

The Coalition was established to coordinate the efforts of ethnic organizations whose members continue to maintain strong cultural, economic, political, and religious ties to the countries of Central and East Europe. The Coalition serves as a liaison with these national Central and East European ethnic organizations.

These organizations cooperate in calling attention to issues of mutual concern, especially as regards United States policy toward Central and East Europe. The Coalition has cooperated on a wide range of issues including calling attention to Russia’s policies toward its neighbors, NATO enlargement, and U.S. assistance programs for the region.

The Coalition has met with numerous Congressional leaders and has testified before a number of Congressional committees including the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, House International Relations Committee, Senate Appropriations Committee, and the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe.